I Provide Financial Guidance To Creative and Digital Agency Owners So You Can Tackle Any Challenge That Comes Your Way

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Every Decision in Your Business Has a Financial Impact

Without accurate and timely financial data, every decision you make becomes a guessing game. You already have enough to worry about in your agency without the stress of guessing whether you can afford to hire a new employee, or if you can even afford your current ones! I help people like you by providing a deeper understanding of your agency's financial footing and providing guidance for any questions you may have.

What's The Process Like?

We Start With The Basics

The first step to getting great insights is to have accurate records of your financial transactions. This includes setting up bank feeds, setting up accounts, and recording transactions. This is boring but necessary!

Then We Make It Understandable

After you get the basics set up and you have your records, we have to make them usable! This is when we turn things into easy to understand reports and graphs, so that you can know where you are at. I even create videos for you so that you understand all the key details!

We Finish With An Action Plan

This is where the magic happens! We begin to collaborate and talk about goals. From there, we can test some ideas and really pump the gas on taking action in your business. Every month we will check your progress and come up with new ideas!

Monthly Guarantee

My goal is to provide you with the absolute best bookkeeping experience possible. I'm so confident that you will get value out of this service each and every month, that if you cancel, I will refund the bill for the past two months.

Who Am I?

While I was earning a Bachelors in Accounting, I decided I didn't just want to fill out forms and do taxes for the rest of my life. I wanted to really get involved in helping businesses grow and become their best. Since some of the greatest people I know run agencies, I decided to go all in and focus my efforts on the problems they needed solved.

Now I have graduated and have been helping agencies grow for over a year! You should also know I am a fan of dad jokes... You've been warned!

Mark Corum

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Do You Have The Insights You Need?

Less stress when making a new hire. Improved cash flow by collecting invoices on time. More time to spend on business development (and those clent meals). These are all things that are possible with financial transformation

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